Best Smartwatches


There are different models of smartwatches on the market. If you want to buy one, you should choose it wisely. These watches have fitness and many other apps and they can deliver smartphone notifications, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket. After testing plenty of them, we will represent the best ones. 


Apple Watch Series 2 


This watch has built-in GPS, fast performance and long battery life. Display is bright enough even in the sunlight. It is also waterproof so it is good for swimming. There are also some bad things – the lack of LTE support and workout data. The watch is fitness-focused so it’s great choice for those who want to stay in shape. 

You can find it in the space-gray aluminum 1.65-inch version. It is 0.45-inch thick and weights 28.2 grams. At 1,000 nits, the OLED display is the brightest Apple has ever made. You can also order the new Apple Watch Edition model in ceramic, which is four times harder than stainless steel. If you pair it with the Cloud Sport Band, the display looks like it’s floating above your wrist. 

The strange thing about this watch is that it doesn’t tell you when it has acquired a signal. There is no icon that tells you if the GPS is working or not. Apple says that Series 2 use a combo of GPS, Wi-Fi and locally stored data to identify your position. 


Apple Watch Series 1 


apple-series-2-cover-image These watches have similar specs like Series 2, but they are cheaper. They have highly customizes and easy-to-change bands. The display is amazing and it provides seamless Apple Pay integration and good use of haptic for notifications. You can also make voice calls. Interface is complicated a bit so it can take some time to get used to it. Time isn’t always displayed and the biggest problem is that there is no GPS. 

This smartwatch definitely has the best design and it is very useful. WatchOS 2 Software offers a lot – Time Travel, native apps, email replies… Force Touch allows you to change watch faces and the Digital Crown lets you to scroll through the available options. You can also use it to zoom in the apps you want to open. All the icons can be rearranged. 

The Apple Watch answers the calls for discreet notifications with its Taptic Engine. It alerts you to incoming emails, messages, social updates and other notifications. If you get too much emails a day and if it annoys you, there’s a VIP mailbox on your iPhone so only important messages can get through. 


Samsung Gear Frontier 


This amazing smartwatch has slick design, GPS and optional LTE. You can use Samsung Pay and control the device by your voice. The drawbacks are very limited app selection and its weight. Its face measures 1.8 x 1.9 inches and it is made of stainless steel.  

The S3 has two buttons – the one that works as a universal black button and the other that returns you to the home screen or the app menu. The face is protected by Gorilla Glass. The watch can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for more than 30 minutes. 

The S3’s 1.3-inch AMOLED screen is very bright and a resolution of 360×360 pixels. Very useful thing is that it turns on/off almost instantly when you raise your wrist.  

These smartphones have great features and modern design. They are not cheap but you certainly won’t regret buying any of them. If you are on a budget but still need a smartwatch the Aipker DZ 09 is the one for you. 


Monster Legends – Modern take on the legendary Pokémon games!

If you enjoyed playing Pokémon back in the days or if you just recently discovered them and realized how cool and addictive they are, we have some really good news for you! 

There is a social media game that’s been going around for quite some time but we have only only discovered it just lately. How so, you might be asking yourself? Aren’t you the people who are informed about video games? Isn’t that what you do? 


To be honest with you, this was a social media game and you have never liked those. Those are your typical pastime games for busy housewives and little children who don’t really like or even can play a real game. Furthermore, we all know that there are people who are playing these games religiously. There are even people using all kinds of different tools to give them all kinds of unfair advantages like those online cheats for free Monster Legends gems and gold and whatnot. If you’re aiming for the top of the leaderboard’s, it’s probably not going to happen but, don’t let us bum you out, you can try it for yourself and see what happens. 


Still, this one is really sweet because it takes you back in the day when you were chasing Pokémon on your Game Boy but it doesn’t limit you to do it alone. 

This is the 21st century and the Internet has become everyday part of our lives. Video Games have also gotten incredibly popular during the past half a decade or so, as well as social media presence in our everyday lives. 

If you consider all of these factors you will realize that video games have changed and that most of them are being made with the goal to socialize people and let you play with other gamers all around the world. It is exactly the case with Monster Legends! 


If you enjoyed playing Pokémon, definitely try Monster Legends! 


This modern take on Pokémon games has become incredibly popular throughout the social media. The game has millions of players playing it all over the world collecting and breeding all kinds of different digital monsters to battle one another and become the most successful monster trainer in the world. 

Is a very familiar concept in those of you who enjoyed playing Pokémon games are immediately going to recognize where this is coming from. 

The game takes everything that was good about Nintendo’s beloved franchise and puts it online. What better way to experience this huge game that by playing with some friends or against enemies for that matter! There are so many people playing this game that it is impossible to approach it without some competitive intent. And that is a great thing in our opinion. 

You are encouraged to always try to get better simply because there is always going to be somebody who is better than you. This way you get to experience more of the game continue playing it even when you would drop it if it was a single player experience. It is a 21st century and multiplayer is the way to go! 


Take your monsters with you! Play it on your smartphone! 


The game is also available on mobile devices! This means that the player pool isn’t limited to just social media audience! Everyone has a mobile device today! There are literally multiple smart phones, tablets and who knows what other kinds of portable devices that can be used to play video games. The great thing about Monster Legends is that it can be played on your Android smart phone as well as your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Those of you who own handheld consoles like PS Vita similar can also play it online if you so choose to. 

This way you don’t have to take a break or neglect your digital pets. You can take them with you wherever you go! You can try and be the best that ever was if that is something that interest you. This game most definitely allows for it. 

You know about you but this really made a difference at least for us. You can play your “real games” at home and consider this a very interesting pastime when you’re outside or have to go somewhere. It is the perfect occupation for when you’re riding a city bus or  driving in a car with your parents to visit some people you don’t really care about. 


All in all, this is a great game. We most definitely encourage you to download and try it for yourself especially if Pokémon were a part of your childhood or you discovered them recently and liked what you’ve found. It’s free after all… 


Microsoft Teams Review


Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 Enterprise and Business accounts. It is very helpful for engaging with your colleagues in real time because it has Office and Skype integration, robust message composition and many other things which we will discuss later. Bad things are that mobile app is not good enough and there is no snooze for notifications. 


Office 365 integration 


Teams let users to share and view documents from Office 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Skype is very important for Teams’ users because you can schedule and make video conference calls from your office. Microsoft Excel seems to be the most important program because it is more than helpful when it comes to organization of work. If you are interested in using and learning Excel, read this article: Advantages of Microsoft Excel 

In comparison to Slack and Hipchat, Microsoft Teams is much better because these apps do not include any Office support and they rely on integrations that aren’t built by Microsoft. The downside is that Teams’ only requirement is to be an Office 365 customer with a Business Essentials, Business Premium or Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 plan. This means that small businesses can’t use it. Also, it can’t be used by people outside your organization either. Microsoft Teams uses Google Docs for collaborative writing. 


Notifications and alerts 


alerts-cover-imgThere are many ways to attract someone’s attention – you can ping other user by @ mentioning them or you can follow a specific channel for notifications which you find important. If someone mentioned you, you will see red badges which include number to show how many messages you have. They are positioned on the left side of the screen. Also, if someone mentions you, the red tabs will appear on the right side of threads. There is one drawback – the lack of timed snooze button. If you want to turn off notifications, you have to disable them in each of the settings. You can easily forget to re – enable them later. 





design-cover-imgMicrosoft Teams is well organized – you can find section icons on the left side, a list view of each section’s content in the middle and a view of that section in the central place. In Activity section you can see a stream of your alerts, respond to private messages under Charts or have group chats under Teams. 

There are some tools that exist as web pages but don’t have tab integrations. You can easily add them by using the Website option. This is especially important for Google Docs users because it allows you to add a link to an online document for group editing. 

The Conversation tab is helpful because you can keep track of responses. It also creates a lot of negative space is messages are entered from the compose box. The Files tab lets you access everything that people have shared. 




Communication-image-coverYou can be really creative – there are buttons for bold, italic and underlined text. You can highlight text, change the color and font size, use bullet and numbering… By putting an exclamation mark in message you will spot it as important. You can upload files also. 







Microsoft Teams include the ISO 27001 security management standard, the Health Portability and Accountability Act and e-discovery. 


 Mobile app 


Mobile apps are created tor Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. They really have to be improved because all you can do is to read and respond to messages. You can’t create teams or channels and you can’t upload files from your device. 


Funny things 


Microsoft Teams offers you a meme generator which you can use for creating different memes and adding text on top of them. Memes are sized for fast performance, not for full – screen view. There are also funny GIFs and emojis that can be used. 




This program is excellent solution for group working and group projects. It is offering collaborative tools, an easy file manager and funny things. It is not the best choice if you are planning to use it on your mobile device. It can provide great security. 


Advantages of Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite. This program allows you to manipulate, manage and analyze data. Microsoft Excel gives you the tools to enable you to accomplish all you need. You can use it for business or for a personal database. It really has many advantages but we will talk about the main ones. 


Powerful analysis 



The Excel’s spreadsheets were upgraded recently so now you are able to analyze large amount of data. Powerful filtering, sorting and search tools are very helpful. If you combine these three tools with the tables, Pivot Tables and Graphs you can find whatever you are looking for quickly and easy even if you have thousands of data items, or more. You can use this program at home on low powered PC or at work on high powered laptop. For the best results you will need the latest technology. 


Working together 



The great news is that now we have the Excel Web App where you can work on spreadsheets simultaneously with other users. This innovation is excellent because it allows you to collaborate with others and to “brainstorm” your ideas. The Excel Worksheet is web based so you are no longer tied to your desk. This option is ideal for a businessman on the go or for people who just like to travel a lot. 


Easy and effective comparisons 


Very powerful analytical tools will help you to analyze data to discover tends and patterns that may be important. Microsoft Excel’s graphing abilities let you to summarize, organize and structure your data the way you want. 


Microsoft Excel Mobile App 


Nowadays, people use their smartphones, tablets and iPads all the time. Creating the app for these devices is a logical step. You do not have to bring along your laptop anymore. By these mobile devices you can manipulate or update data and view the spreadsheets immediately on your phone or tablet. 


Drawbacks of Microsoft Excel 



There are also some disadvantages we have to mention. It can be difficult to share because it requires extra software to be installed. It is not relational – there is the lack of true relational functionality. Using large amounts of data on the average PC will slow down or even freeze the PC.  

While you can use forms within VBA, the average user will not have much knowledge of VBA and not be able to incorporate functional forms into spreadsheets quickly. The Excel offers a good variety of graph capabilities but the customization of the standard formats and the combination of different data sets and types of graph is awkward and not intuitive. This is maybe the main disadvantage. 

Despite of these drawbacks, Microsoft Excel is amazing program and can be used for almost anything you imagine. You can use it for agendas, calendars, cards, charts, and diagrams, financial tools, forms, planners, reports, schedules, timesheets… There are many ways to learn Microsoft Excel. Which one will be most effective depend on you. You can buy books, attend training courses or find a mentor. However, the decision to start learning Microsoft Excel will be one of the best in your life. 

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