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"How to Use Excel to Make Dashboards, Without Draining the Budget"

Excelential lets anyone view and work with key charts and data from Excel spreadsheet files on a dashboard you can easily build in 5 minutes.

Do you feel squeezed by a growing workload and a shrinking technology budget? These days every company is trimming the workforce and the technology budget to the minimum, while data and information requirements continue to grow.

You could use dashboards to work smarter and faster. So could everyone else.

But, there's not enough budget for expensive BI dashboards.

And, a lot of the information is in charts and data in Excel spreadsheets. You'd have to reconstruct all the logic in those spreadsheets with a new BI tool. All that work just to get back to what is already available in Excel? It doesn't make sense.

But now there's Excelential -- Excel dashboards made easy. And affordable. Even on the tightest budget.

Customer Experience
Fast Implementation
I was able to create 6 Excelential dashboards showing near-realtime data from our equipment-maintenance database in a couple of days.
Greensboro, NC

Excelential provides all these:

  • Shows key data and charts on one screen, so you don't miss critical information.
  • Updates the dashboard automatically, so you're always up-to-date.
  • Drill-down to underlying Excel spreadsheets, so you can fully analyze the data.
  • Requires no training for Excel users, further reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Simple customization by end users themselves, so everyone is more satisfied.
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Excelential Demo


Customer Experience
"Under Budget"
I was able to provide all 11 of our internal salespeople with the dashboards they needed for less than $600. Now we can allocate our IT budget for other pressing projects.
Des Moines, IA

Excelential dashboards:

  • Let users preview and work with familiar Excel spreadsheets.
  • Keep users informed and updated with critical data and charts.
  • Can be implemented and deployed literally in minutes.

Saves Your Budget

At just $49 for a full perpetual license (with discounts for volume purchases), itís the most cost-effective Excel dashboard solution for end-users. Compare that to the hundreds of dollars per-seat price of other dashboards.

How can we afford to offer Excelential for such a low price? Because we work with the full power of Excel. We don't try to replace it. This reduces our cost to build and maintain the program. And it reduces your cost to implement and deploy it. Everyone saves time and money.

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