Advantages of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite. This program allows you to manipulate, manage and analyze data. Microsoft Excel gives you the tools to enable you to accomplish all you need. You can use it for business or for a personal database. It really has many advantages but we will talk about the main ones. 


Powerful analysis 



The Excel’s spreadsheets were upgraded recently so now you are able to analyze large amount of data. Powerful filtering, sorting and search tools are very helpful. If you combine these three tools with the tables, Pivot Tables and Graphs you can find whatever you are looking for quickly and easy even if you have thousands of data items, or more. You can use this program at home on low powered PC or at work on high powered laptop. For the best results you will need the latest technology. 


Working together 



The great news is that now we have the Excel Web App where you can work on spreadsheets simultaneously with other users. This innovation is excellent because it allows you to collaborate with others and to “brainstorm” your ideas. The Excel Worksheet is web based so you are no longer tied to your desk. This option is ideal for a businessman on the go or for people who just like to travel a lot. 


Easy and effective comparisons 


Very powerful analytical tools will help you to analyze data to discover tends and patterns that may be important. Microsoft Excel’s graphing abilities let you to summarize, organize and structure your data the way you want. 


Microsoft Excel Mobile App 


Nowadays, people use their smartphones, tablets and iPads all the time. Creating the app for these devices is a logical step. You do not have to bring along your laptop anymore. By these mobile devices you can manipulate or update data and view the spreadsheets immediately on your phone or tablet. 


Drawbacks of Microsoft Excel 



There are also some disadvantages we have to mention. It can be difficult to share because it requires extra software to be installed. It is not relational – there is the lack of true relational functionality. Using large amounts of data on the average PC will slow down or even freeze the PC.  

While you can use forms within VBA, the average user will not have much knowledge of VBA and not be able to incorporate functional forms into spreadsheets quickly. The Excel offers a good variety of graph capabilities but the customization of the standard formats and the combination of different data sets and types of graph is awkward and not intuitive. This is maybe the main disadvantage. 

Despite of these drawbacks, Microsoft Excel is amazing program and can be used for almost anything you imagine. You can use it for agendas, calendars, cards, charts, and diagrams, financial tools, forms, planners, reports, schedules, timesheets… There are many ways to learn Microsoft Excel. Which one will be most effective depend on you. You can buy books, attend training courses or find a mentor. However, the decision to start learning Microsoft Excel will be one of the best in your life. 

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