Best Productivity Apps

The market is full of productivity apps. It is difficult to recognize which apps will be helpful and transform your life. You can easily download application which will do nothing but waste your time. Good productivity app will help you to get organized, motivate you at work and save your time. These apps are the best for increasing productivity: 


This app is powerful daily organizer – it combines calendar, notepad, collaborative task management and daily scheduler. You can easily add more tasks using your voice or text input. If you tap on them they will be marked as completed. It is very simple and you will learn how to use it very quickly. has a “moment” feature. It shows your daily tasks in the morning, so you won’t be surprised during the day by a meeting or a deadline. You also have option to share some events or lists with your coworkers or anyone you want to. 




freedom-cover-imageFreedom is very interesting and innovative app. It has all basic features you need, but the creator adds one more thing – it will jolt you out of your time – wasting habits. The app will allow the way you are using your smartphone and will block certain apps or websites for some time or permanently. The block list can be created by yourself or you can let the app do that. The blocks can be scheduled in advance. You can also block Mac and Windows if you thing that blocking your smartphone is not enough. 




Cheerleader is special because it gives you extra motivation to help you to get through the day. The app sends different inspiring messages of your choice all day. You can choose the time when you want these messages to be sent. This is the best app for working motivation. 




Asana is made for group projects. It makes them easier because it creates a single space for project creation, deadlines, proposals, idea sharing and all other features which are important for a project. This app also has a solution for the problem of long, hard-to-follow email threads. You can use inn-app messaging feature to communicate with individuals or whole teams. If you want perfect project management and coordination you must download this application. 



Pomodoro Flow 


Pomodoro Flow app uses the famous Pomodoro technique. It was developed in Italy in the 1980s. The idea is to break work into 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks. Many apps are using this technique, but Pomodoro Flow is probably the best. It has nicr design and easy-to-use interface. 


Word, Excel and PowerPoint 


excel-word-pp-cover-imageMicrosoft’s Office suite is famous for desktop productivity and now you have the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each of these apps allows users to view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Services like OneDrive, Drive and Dropbox make the sharing easier. If you want to know more about Excel this article is the one for you: Advantages of Microsoft Excel.  


 Just Press Record 


This is recording app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch made for easy note taking. You can record by long pressing on the app icon. It can transcribe speech with support for many languages. Recordings are sorted by date and time and you can share them if you want to. The app works best on smartwatches. If you are considering buying one read these short reviews: Best smartwatches. 

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