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There are different models of smartwatches on the market. If you want to buy one, you should choose it wisely. These watches have fitness and many other apps and they can deliver smartphone notifications, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket. After testing plenty of them, we will represent the best ones. 


Apple Watch Series 2 


This watch has built-in GPS, fast performance and long battery life. Display is bright enough even in the sunlight. It is also waterproof so it is good for swimming. There are also some bad things – the lack of LTE support and workout data. The watch is fitness-focused so it’s great choice for those who want to stay in shape. 

You can find it in the space-gray aluminum 1.65-inch version. It is 0.45-inch thick and weights 28.2 grams. At 1,000 nits, the OLED display is the brightest Apple has ever made. You can also order the new Apple Watch Edition model in ceramic, which is four times harder than stainless steel. If you pair it with the Cloud Sport Band, the display looks like it’s floating above your wrist. 

The strange thing about this watch is that it doesn’t tell you when it has acquired a signal. There is no icon that tells you if the GPS is working or not. Apple says that Series 2 use a combo of GPS, Wi-Fi and locally stored data to identify your position. 


Apple Watch Series 1 


apple-series-2-cover-image These watches have similar specs like Series 2, but they are cheaper. They have highly customizes and easy-to-change bands. The display is amazing and it provides seamless Apple Pay integration and good use of haptic for notifications. You can also make voice calls. Interface is complicated a bit so it can take some time to get used to it. Time isn’t always displayed and the biggest problem is that there is no GPS. 

This smartwatch definitely has the best design and it is very useful. WatchOS 2 Software offers a lot – Time Travel, native apps, email replies… Force Touch allows you to change watch faces and the Digital Crown lets you to scroll through the available options. You can also use it to zoom in the apps you want to open. All the icons can be rearranged. 

The Apple Watch answers the calls for discreet notifications with its Taptic Engine. It alerts you to incoming emails, messages, social updates and other notifications. If you get too much emails a day and if it annoys you, there’s a VIP mailbox on your iPhone so only important messages can get through. 


Samsung Gear Frontier 


This amazing smartwatch has slick design, GPS and optional LTE. You can use Samsung Pay and control the device by your voice. The drawbacks are very limited app selection and its weight. Its face measures 1.8 x 1.9 inches and it is made of stainless steel.  

The S3 has two buttons – the one that works as a universal black button and the other that returns you to the home screen or the app menu. The face is protected by Gorilla Glass. The watch can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for more than 30 minutes. 

The S3’s 1.3-inch AMOLED screen is very bright and a resolution of 360×360 pixels. Very useful thing is that it turns on/off almost instantly when you raise your wrist.  

These smartphones have great features and modern design. They are not cheap but you certainly won’t regret buying any of them. If you are on a budget but still need a smartwatch the Aipker DZ 09 is the one for you. 


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