Microsoft Teams Review

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 Enterprise and Business accounts. It is very helpful for engaging with your colleagues in real time because it has Office and Skype integration, robust message composition and many other things which we will discuss later. Bad things are that mobile app is not good enough and there is no snooze for notifications. 


Office 365 integration 


Teams let users to share and view documents from Office 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Skype is very important for Teams’ users because you can schedule and make video conference calls from your office. Microsoft Excel seems to be the most important program because it is more than helpful when it comes to organization of work. If you are interested in using and learning Excel, read this article: Advantages of Microsoft Excel 

In comparison to Slack and Hipchat, Microsoft Teams is much better because these apps do not include any Office support and they rely on integrations that aren’t built by Microsoft. The downside is that Teams’ only requirement is to be an Office 365 customer with a Business Essentials, Business Premium or Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 plan. This means that small businesses can’t use it. Also, it can’t be used by people outside your organization either. Microsoft Teams uses Google Docs for collaborative writing. 


Notifications and alerts 


alerts-cover-imgThere are many ways to attract someone’s attention – you can ping other user by @ mentioning them or you can follow a specific channel for notifications which you find important. If someone mentioned you, you will see red badges which include number to show how many messages you have. They are positioned on the left side of the screen. Also, if someone mentions you, the red tabs will appear on the right side of threads. There is one drawback – the lack of timed snooze button. If you want to turn off notifications, you have to disable them in each of the settings. You can easily forget to re – enable them later. 





design-cover-imgMicrosoft Teams is well organized – you can find section icons on the left side, a list view of each section’s content in the middle and a view of that section in the central place. In Activity section you can see a stream of your alerts, respond to private messages under Charts or have group chats under Teams. 

There are some tools that exist as web pages but don’t have tab integrations. You can easily add them by using the Website option. This is especially important for Google Docs users because it allows you to add a link to an online document for group editing. 

The Conversation tab is helpful because you can keep track of responses. It also creates a lot of negative space is messages are entered from the compose box. The Files tab lets you access everything that people have shared. 




Communication-image-coverYou can be really creative – there are buttons for bold, italic and underlined text. You can highlight text, change the color and font size, use bullet and numbering… By putting an exclamation mark in message you will spot it as important. You can upload files also. 







Microsoft Teams include the ISO 27001 security management standard, the Health Portability and Accountability Act and e-discovery. 


 Mobile app 


Mobile apps are created tor Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. They really have to be improved because all you can do is to read and respond to messages. You can’t create teams or channels and you can’t upload files from your device. 


Funny things 


Microsoft Teams offers you a meme generator which you can use for creating different memes and adding text on top of them. Memes are sized for fast performance, not for full – screen view. There are also funny GIFs and emojis that can be used. 




This program is excellent solution for group working and group projects. It is offering collaborative tools, an easy file manager and funny things. It is not the best choice if you are planning to use it on your mobile device. It can provide great security. 


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