Monster Legends – Modern take on the legendary Pokémon games!

If you enjoyed playing Pokémon back in the days or if you just recently discovered them and realized how cool and addictive they are, we have some really good news for you! 

There is a social media game that’s been going around for quite some time but we have only only discovered it just lately. How so, you might be asking yourself? Aren’t you the people who are informed about video games? Isn’t that what you do? 


To be honest with you, this was a social media game and you have never liked those. Those are your typical pastime games for busy housewives and little children who don’t really like or even can play a real game. Furthermore, we all know that there are people who are playing these games religiously. There are even people using all kinds of different tools to give them all kinds of unfair advantages like those online cheats for free Monster Legends gems and gold and whatnot. If you’re aiming for the top of the leaderboard’s, it’s probably not going to happen but, don’t let us bum you out, you can try it for yourself and see what happens. 


Still, this one is really sweet because it takes you back in the day when you were chasing Pokémon on your Game Boy but it doesn’t limit you to do it alone. 

This is the 21st century and the Internet has become everyday part of our lives. Video Games have also gotten incredibly popular during the past half a decade or so, as well as social media presence in our everyday lives. 

If you consider all of these factors you will realize that video games have changed and that most of them are being made with the goal to socialize people and let you play with other gamers all around the world. It is exactly the case with Monster Legends! 


If you enjoyed playing Pokémon, definitely try Monster Legends! 


This modern take on Pokémon games has become incredibly popular throughout the social media. The game has millions of players playing it all over the world collecting and breeding all kinds of different digital monsters to battle one another and become the most successful monster trainer in the world. 

Is a very familiar concept in those of you who enjoyed playing Pokémon games are immediately going to recognize where this is coming from. 

The game takes everything that was good about Nintendo’s beloved franchise and puts it online. What better way to experience this huge game that by playing with some friends or against enemies for that matter! There are so many people playing this game that it is impossible to approach it without some competitive intent. And that is a great thing in our opinion. 

You are encouraged to always try to get better simply because there is always going to be somebody who is better than you. This way you get to experience more of the game continue playing it even when you would drop it if it was a single player experience. It is a 21st century and multiplayer is the way to go! 


Take your monsters with you! Play it on your smartphone! 


The game is also available on mobile devices! This means that the player pool isn’t limited to just social media audience! Everyone has a mobile device today! There are literally multiple smart phones, tablets and who knows what other kinds of portable devices that can be used to play video games. The great thing about Monster Legends is that it can be played on your Android smart phone as well as your iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Those of you who own handheld consoles like PS Vita similar can also play it online if you so choose to. 

This way you don’t have to take a break or neglect your digital pets. You can take them with you wherever you go! You can try and be the best that ever was if that is something that interest you. This game most definitely allows for it. 

You know about you but this really made a difference at least for us. You can play your “real games” at home and consider this a very interesting pastime when you’re outside or have to go somewhere. It is the perfect occupation for when you’re riding a city bus or  driving in a car with your parents to visit some people you don’t really care about. 


All in all, this is a great game. We most definitely encourage you to download and try it for yourself especially if Pokémon were a part of your childhood or you discovered them recently and liked what you’ve found. It’s free after all… 


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